A new message and identity has been supported with an extensive marketing campaign, which was entitled the ‘We Are’ campaign. The strategy behind it was to improve brand awareness, offering greater clarity of the basic pillars of branding; these are to convey what the company offers, how it conducts business, and ultimately why customers should choose Howarth.

The objectives were to generally improve our brand awareness, including an increase of social reactions, followers, and SERP brand mentions.

  • Total reactions (+22%) YoY
  • Total reactions (+18%) YoY
  • Total Followers (+27%) YoY
  • Total SERP mentions (+27%) YoY

The original budget for the ‘We Are’ campaign was £20k, which was there to help build assets and communicate the full message across platforms. The final budget figure spent was just over £18k, as we managed to negotiate better prices and receive supplier sponsorship.

Obviously, it is hard to fully gauge the magnitude of a brand campaign’s ROI, as it is so intrinsic to general ‘business as usual’. In the last financial year, the business grew turnover by £10m; with each of the categories that were promoted, equally growing between 10%-20% on like-for-like sales. Of course, a branding campaign will somewhat contribute to that, but offers no definitive. Looking at marketing sales/initiatives as an example of return, it roughly offers an ROI of 671% or for every £1 spent, we made £7.44 in profit.

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