Apprentice/Trainee of the Year

Name: Ewan Boland

Company: Cowal Building and Plumbing Supplies

Supporting Statement:

Ewan Boland is a trainee at the Dunoon depot of Scottish independent merchant Cowal Building and Plumbing Supplies. He joined the business in August 2020 and has already expanded his role from general yard work to processing orders, working on the trade counter, offloading the vehicles and getting to know every aspect of how the business works.

Ewan’s line manager at Cowal is John Curran who is impressed with his willingness to learn, to pitch in and help when the branch is busy, and his initiative:

“When Ewan started with us, he had no industry knowledge whatsoever. But for such a young man, he has shown maturity beyond his years. His ability to grasp information and his interaction with customers of all ages is exceptional. He has gained a great working relationship with a lot of our regular customers both retail and trade and he has become a great asset to the branch and the business. We have been to teach him about bricks and blocks, but skills like customer service, using his initiative and working in a team are skills that Ewan has worked hard to develop himself, learning from older colleagues and really coming out of his shell.”

One example of Ewan’s initiative is his work on the branch’s power tool display which he revamped, on his own initiative to make it more successful and eye-catching to improve sales.

Ewan is now a big fan of the merchanting industry and tells friends what a great sector it is to work in: “My job is different every day – from answering the phone, making up deliveries, taking phone calls and keeping the yard tidy – no two days are the same. The thing I like best about my job is the amount I have learned. I came into this job completely new to merchanting and I would have never believed how much I would learn. My communication skills in particular have really improved and I have got so much more confident in dealing with customers face-to-face and on the phone and that’s the part of my job I love the most.”

Name: Charlie Lee

Company: Travis Perkins Plc

Supporting Statement:

Charlie had not been in full-time employment until he joined Travis Perkins. Charlie joined the business through the Kick Start scheme, whilst on Universal Credit. He had tried to find work but has not been successful, he feels he was not successful for a few reasons:

His background.
Not having experience
No qualifications.

Charlie’s background is from the traveling community, which he does not mention too often as he encountered discrimination. Charlie explained his school years were difficult because of his background.

Charlie was on the Kickstart scheme for 4 months. His supervisor and mentor Thom pushed for Charlie to be employed full time and the Branch Manager agreed in October 2022. Charlie is employed at the Wisbech branch.

In the time Charlie has been in the program he has Passed Maths L1 and is working towards L2 and also English L2 – although he does not need L2 to gain an apprenticeship, he is keen to learn and develop. Charlie shows real commitment and engagement to learning – he is a joy to work with!

The different TP has had done him:

Never had money before.
Brought a 50cc moped with wages to get to work, then when employed a 125cc bike. He has also moved into his own small rented home, which he loves, and is very happy!

His next steps are to pass his driving test, but this is difficult on his present wage and living on his own.

Charlie explained, he has more confidence, better communication, and planning skills.

Charlie has many responsibilities in his current role and he is handling them great, along with his apprenticeship. Charlie proves excellent customer service and is always happy to support others.

Charlie has a great willingness to learn and a huge desire to be better and provide excellent customer service.

He is always willing to help if someone is struggling or share his knowledge. In the first month of working in the branch, he was teaching other people how to use the POS computer system. He is contributing massively to the branch sales and can be relied on 100% to get the job asked of him done.

When he’s under pressure to put deliveries away and maybe feeling a bit down (because who likes putting stores away) he will still put on a smile stop, which encourages others to be happy!

Name: Emma Thomson

Company: City Plumbing Supplies

Supporting Statement:

Emma has been at the company for sometime now, she is very ambitious and decided to do an apprenticeship which she has put her all into. Somehow Emma is still working full time as a Showroom Manager and balances completing her apprenticeship with her work / home life.

Emma always goes above & beyond for her branch, colleagues & customers.

Chris Aston – Regional Manager
Emma is a very positive and upbeat individual that will take on any challenge and do so with a smile. Nothing is too much and Emma has a very positive attitude when it comes to business challenges. Emma finds a solution to every problem rather than bringing the problem to the management team which is a fantastic skill to hold. Emma gets fantastic customer reviews and always goes the extra mile for every customer, every time. The results in Emma’s showroom speak for themselves and with everything mentioned above this is what makes Emma as successful as she is making her a brilliant asset to our business and one that should be rewarded for her exceptional hard work and efforts. On top of this Emma continues to push herself and develop by taking on further learning to improve her knowledge and skills to further improve on customer service and sales. Emma supports any colleague that needs help or advice and supports the branch and wider region by sharing her knowledge and experience to play the team game

Ryan Wilson – Branch Manager
It has been a pleasure working with Emma for the last 7 years. Emma started working in an administration role for City plumbing and has since progressed into the showroom manager role for the Loanhead branch and more recently has also taken on the extra responsibility as cluster showroom manager and offers support to 5 other branches and also supports area showroom manager Ryan Milne.
Personally, I have found Emma’s support in the branch to be invaluable. She is the longest-serving colleague in the Loanhead branch and always has time to offer help and support to others even if it means being out of her comfort zone.
Emma has put a lot of time and effort into her “Developing sales executive” course which has recently resulted in an additional role as cluster showroom sales manager. Emma has taken this in her stride whilst excelling in her other role as the branch showroom manager for Loanhead.

Chris Paxton – Regional Manager
When I started as BM at CPS Loanhead it was great working with Emma. She always has a very positive outlook on no matter the challenge which is a brilliant quality to have particularly on how challenging projects can be with supply/covid challenges. Emma is a very strong team player and takes joy in helping the branch/region with any support and training requirements. She has a winner mentality and always performed very well in all aspects in the business. Emma is an asset to the business and will go very far.

Name: Steve Charter

Company: Bradfords Building Supplies

Supporting Statement:

Steve joined Bradfords in March 2019 from a background in the grocery sector, with no prior experience in builders’ merchanting.

In March 2020, whilst still picking up the idiosyncrasies of builders’ merchanting, Steve found himself as operations manager in our flagship and largest branch in Yeovil needing to understand, implement and lead the significant changes required to continue trading under the restrictions imposed by the Covid-19 pandemic as we remained open and switched from our usual service to a delivered and click or phone and collect model only, with careful control of customers required. His manager reports: “despite the lack of experience in our industry, Steve quickly became the go to manager at Yeovil”.

Steve’s application of what he had learned in his short tenure at Bradfords was hugely successful: the branch suffered no cases of Covid-19, and the proximity of the branch to support services in our head office meant that in addition he was challenged to trial new operating methods we developed over the course of the lockdown prior to roll out in other locations, including contactless POD, and use of our load planning system to coordinate the click and collect service.

Making it clear to his manager of his ambitions within the business, his own development continued as he started to build his knowledge and skills to shift his focus towards sales. This was made challenging due to the normal channels being absent – supplier and BMF training, as well as face to face training from our in house support teams. It was his own proactivity in extracting the experience and knowledge of his peers which saw him make progress.

In October 2020 Steve moved from operations manager to sales advisor in preparation for a planned promotion to sales manager at the branch, whilst simultaneously taking on the BMF’s challenging level 5 diploma in merchant management. At the same time his background in operations and as originally the transport manager for the branch meant he was tasked with delivering the new load planning software at the branch: another example of his ability to learn and understand, embrace, deliver, and embed change.

Steve’s progress in sales has been extraordinary. Averaging £8,000/month through to the end of December 2021, he has since boosted this to in excess of £50,000 per month despite the training commitment and for the three months to October hit a huge £70,000 per month. His branch manager continues: “Steve has been instrumental in a branch that has broken the record for net profit in a rolling 12 months.”

Steve’s journey continues in October 2021 which sees him take the next step in his development to take on the role of Branch Manager at our Martock branch whilst remaining on track to complete the diploma.

Name: Joanne Griffiths

Company: LBS Builders Merchants

Supporting Statement:

Joanne Griffiths joined LBS on 6th May 2015 as a Counter Sales Assistant. In March 2020, Jo progressed to her current role as Internal Sales where she has continued to develop.
During that time she also took on additional responsibilities of Branch Administrator to cover long term sickness.

Joanne has shown exceptional commitment to her personal development during the last year and her hunger for knowledge and self-development makes Joanne a worthy nomination for Trainee of the Year 2022.

Joanne has shown great attitude and responsibility for her personal learning. Her determination and motivation to succeed was clear, and she has completed two nationally recognised qualifications.

Joanne completed a Women’s Career Development programme and showed great skill and ability throughout the course. Jo was duly awarded an ILM Level 2 in team leading for her successful pass.

Since finishing this course Jo was still keen to keep her learning momentum going and quickly accepted the invitation to enrol in the prestigious Essential Sales Management programme.

This course is industry recognised and is certificated by the Institute of Sales Management, making this much respected course ideal for Joanne to take her skills to the next level.

Sandwiched between these courses, Joanne also self-enrolled on a wide variety of online learning through our LBS Academy. She has enrolled in 28 courses covering a wide variety of personal skills and product knowledge modules.

Joanne is an exceptional learner and a real talent. Her hard work and commitment has demonstrated her drive to continuously improve her skills and this will pay dividends for her personal development in the future with LBS. Well done Jo.

Name: Isla Crichton

Company: City Plumbing Supplies

Supporting Statement:

BMJ Apprentice Nominee: Isla Crichton

Isla joined the Tranent (Scotland) Branch in early 2021 as part of a L2 apprenticeship programme. After leaving school early this was a big transition from the school environment to online and self-led learning. She worked in the role of Sales Desk Advisor whilst studying and supported her region by taking on a six month secondment at another branch to cover the Showroom sales. This role was another big learning curve and Isla managed to embrace it and produced good sales figures.

We spoke to some of Isla’s colleagues and here is what they have to say:

Ben Barber, (LEAP apprenticeship coach):
“I have worked closely with Isla over the last 15 months and have been extremely impressed with her work ethic, desire and commitment to the apprenticeship, especially as she has completed during a global pandemic and in what has been really difficult times.

Isla has really excelled throughout this apprenticeship process and I am so pleased that she has been able to gain the highest grade possible. Isla has always pushed herself and the quality of her work has been second to none. Not only has she completed the apprenticeship, she has also taken on the role of showroom manager which is a great achievement, especially given her age and short time in the business.”

Christopher Aston Regional Manager:
“From a regional manager point of view I can confirm how much of an asset Isla has been since taking over the east of Scotland.

Isla has worked within the Tranent branch learning all aspects of the business from systems, customers and process and started to handle some of the key day-to-day responsibilities. Further to this Isla supported the absence of our showroom manager in Dalkeith and did a fantastic job learning a new and very important role within the branch and business and did a brilliant job. Isla is definitely one for the future showing that she can develop herself at the highest standard whilst taking on extra responsibilities.”

Alf Lowrie, Branch Manager during Isla’s secondment:
“Isla helped cover our showroom when our showroom Manager was on Maternity leave which helped out me and the team at Dalkeith massively. Not only did she manage this challenging role at a young age she also achieved great sales figures whilst helping cover other tasks in the branch to help the team. I am sure he will progress into a management position in the future and build on the great work she has already done.”

Grant Chicton, Isla’s current Branch Manager
“Isla was a very fast learner from the start. She picked up any new processes very quickly.
I was able to really rely on Isla right away. All the guys comment on how we only have to show Isla what to do once.

Isla’s biggest obstacle was to overcome her shy persona. When Isla became more involved in our Showroom and started to work closer with our Showroom manager she changed. It was like Isla had an alter ego and started to ooze confidence when dealing with customers, especially face to face.

The biggest impact Isla has had since she has come back to our branch is her versatility. Isla has a great work ethic and just gets stuck in. Whether it’s helping out in our showroom, getting involved in the warehouse or helping out with anyone there’s never any issues.

Isla has a calming influence within the branch, it’s intriguing watching the rest of the guys interact with her. Isla is ridiculously ambitious. She is like a sponge and wants to learn new things everyday. With her positive attitude and willingness to learn, Isla will have a great future within this industry.”

We asked Isla to provide a personal statement that highlights her biggest achievements:
“I joined the company in 2021 as an apprentice, after leaving school early. When I first joined I had no idea what I was doing. As I came straight out of school, I didn’t really understand how to speak with new people as I didn’t have any experience. The whole thing was quite daunting at first but I was reassured as I began the apprenticeship coursework and webinars.

I have achieved a lot in the little time I have been with the company. The first few months of the apprenticeship built my confidence to the point where I started working with customers in the bathroom showroom. I worked very hard in this area of the business, eventually being promoted to a showroom manager, covering maternity leave in another branch. In the first month going solo in this new role, I hit my target, which was a great success. My skills in the 3D drawing system have really developed and improved as I got the chance to constantly work with the software and find new ways to show products in the most appealing ways to customers. I also passed the apprenticeship course with a distinction which is something I am really proud of, as I still managed to complete the course while taking on a full time role as a showroom manager.

I think the main obstacle I overcame was my own age and lack of experience, being so young in the business. I joined the business when I was 17 and took on a showroom manager role just before turning 18. I pushed myself really hard in the business to prove I was worthy of the role and I could achieve just as much as anyone else. In the beginning, I think a few trade customers were apprehensive about asking me to create quotes and drawings for them etc as they were going to the trade counter and manager to get things priced.

After I got to know them better and started completing work for them, I showed I was more than capable of dealing with their customers. I had time and patience for customers and made sure I worked with everyone to create their ideal bathroom. After my first few bathrooms were ordered and installed, I had fitters come in to tell me how happy their customers were with the experience they had and the outcome of their bathrooms. I think, at such a young age, this was a great achievement and I overcame my initial worries, to give the customers the best experience.

When I first joined the business I helped with various administrative tasks, which allowed the rest of the team to get on with their work. I also helped out in the bathroom showroom, in Tranent, when we were going through a period of rearranging staff. This meant the manager didn’t have to worry about what was happening with the showroom as I had it covered, although I wasn’t afraid to ask questions if I did need help. When I took over the role at the Dalkeith showroom, it meant the company didn’t need to put out money to search for a new employee to cover the role. They didn’t need to teach me everything from scratch as I had some experience in the showroom before so they could trust me to work with customers and complete the job.

For my specialist area, I took on renewables. This worked well with my showroom manager role as I was able to integrate underfloor heating sales into the bathroom sales. A lot of customers hadn’t thought underfloor heating would be an option for them for various reasons and things they had heard about it. I was able to explain to them the different features and benefits of it and help them pick the best option for their circumstances. It was a constant learning curve as I had a few issues with the products at first, but I learnt from all of the situations to make sure I could give the customers the right products in the future.

Overall I really enjoyed the apprenticeship and I developed so much throughout my year so far in the business. The apprenticeship gave me the opportunity to explore different areas of the business I hadn’t thought about before and I was able to work my daily job at the same time as learning. I have learnt to ask lots of questions, even now when I have finished the course, to constantly develop my knowledge. To achieve a distinction at the end of the course is a testament to how hard I worked in the business and I am excited to see what lies ahead.”

Name: Maria Davis

Company: City Plumbing Supplies

Supporting Statement:

BMJ Apprentice Nominee: Maria Davis (City Plumbing)

Maria joined the business in 2007 as a Management Trainee for the North West Region. On completing her studies she took on the role of Showroom Manager. Since then Maria has taken on various Manager roles for the region, supporting specific challenges where most needed.

Maria’s biggest achievement being turning a loss-making branch into profit during her 3 year post as Branch Manager. Always looking to continually develop herself and take on new challenges, Maria enrolled in the L5 Managers Development Programme in 2019. Having previously studied with a mix of self study and classroom time, it was particularly challenging to adapt to fully online learning during the pandemic.

Maria’s branch also remained open during this time so she was busy working alongside her studies. On successful completion of her apprenticeship and due to her dedication and hard work, Maria successfully took on the role of Regional Manager in September 2021.

She is a true asset to the business and we look forward to watching everything she will achieve.

We have spoken to some of Maria’s colleagues and here’s what they had to say:

Ben Barber (LEAP Apprentice Coach):
“Maria Davis (L5 manager development program – Merit) Maria completed her program in May and has excelled since moving on from a BM role to a RM role. This is coupled with the additional support that she has offered to all learners within the business.”

Chris Weeks, ROSD:
“Maria started with the business as a management trainee and has progressed through various roles to Branch Manager at Chester City Plumbing Supplies . Whilst delivering a budget-beating performance at Chester CPS in 2021, Maria continued with her push for personal development by completing the Level 5, Leading a business, Leap Apprenticeship. These newly acquired skills and experience are now being used daily, recently promoted to the role of Regional Manager, City Plumbing Supplies, North West Region with responsibility for 21 Branches. Congratulations Maria.”

Greg McIlroy, previous line manager
“When she worked for me she was a very good member of my team, she always went above and beyond, she had a fantastic commercial awareness, was great with people and customers alike and was always destined to progress further within the company, I can’t speak highly enough of Maria”

We asked Maria to provide a personal statement which highlights her achievements and impact on the business:

– My first position was a Showroom Manager where I took an underperforming showroom to over 10K per month after completing my Trainee Scheme.
– Assistant Branch Manager of a branch that relocated so I was part of the project of moving the branch at the time
Building the Best Implementation team- This was a fantastic achievement for me being part of the team that delivered a large business project which meant I worked with many branch teams across the branch network.
– After the role of Branch Manager Designate I took on a new challenge and was successful in becoming the Branch Manager of a large branch in our Region. This branch had many challenges and when I took over the branch this was in a loss making position. I was Branch Manager for 3.5 years My final branch accounts showed a £290K up against Net Profit for the year. This a huge Achievement for me as during this time I also completed my Level 5 Leap Course, Leading a Business and completed this at Merit Level.
– When I started as Branch Manager the branch had recently merged with another branch and the team had a complete mix of personalities. I had to build the team to work together collaboratively and effectively. The staff numbers dropped from 11 to 8 in the interim and I then increased Turnover and Profit Margin to enable me to increase the headcount back to 9.
– During my time as Manager I also supported some of my team members through difficult times (Long Term Sick, Mental Health Ect.) I ensured I maintained contact and supported them as much as I could.
– When I joined as Branch Manager, there was no canteen area for the team, I felt this to be important to the team to ensure they had a place to take breaks away from customers. We got a Canteen installed in the branch. I felt this was an achievement also.
– Showroom – The Showroom at the branch I took over was of the old format, this got changed over to the new endeavour format during this time I recruited and trained a new Showroom Manager who went on to achieve some record numbers for us.

Charity Work
I led a charity day from the branch which was a charity spin bike day. On this day any one of my team had to be riding the spin bike consistently and customers popped money into the charity pot to guess how far we would travel! This helped build not only customer relationships (being the customers choice) as we had refreshments there on the day also. But also team working (Growing Stronger together). I also did the Tough Mudder challenge with some of my team members. Both were for the Teenage Cancer Trust.

Other Detail
Creating the future- I believe I constantly look at creating a better, stronger future within any role I have been in across my career to date. My biggest achievement to date is being successful in becoming a Regional Manager for a Region that I worked within for many years. I now love the fact that I can now influence and support others to create the future for us as a business.

Name: Yasemin Penny

Company: Elliotts

Supporting Statement:

Yasemin has continued to impress since she joined us in our 2021 Apprentice intake.

Feedback from her course tutor was incredibly positive, and after passing her Customer Service Practitioner Level 2 with flying colours, Yasemin became a permanent member of the Southampton team earlier in 2022.

At our annual awards ceremony, the Elliotts Oscars, Yasmin was nominated for both Best Newcomer and Best Progress from colleagues across the business

As a result, Yasemin one Best Progress in Dec 2021, with the feedback including:

“She has only been here a year and has gone from apprentice to internal sales. She has gained so much knowledge in such a short amount of time”

“Started this time last year as a quiet 16-year-old and has blossomed into an anchor in the branch”

“From apprentice to full time role, I’ve heard a lot from this individual from the Southampton Branch she has the backing of almost everybody I have spoken to.”

Name: Zoe Rushton

Company: Travis Perkins

Supporting Statement:

Zoe joined Wickes in 2012 and then joined Travis Perkins in 2019 as a branch sales assistant and was promoted to assistant branch manager last year. She achieved a distinction in her Apprenticeship Level 3 for managing a team.

Zoe began working part-time at Wickes as a customer service advisor while attending college at 17 and worked her way up to become a key holder. She then decided she wanted to join Travis Perkins at Mansfield and began in a part-time customer sales role while continuing with her LEAP apprenticeship where she ended up getting a distinction. She has now progressed to becoming an assistant branch manager.

In her spare time Zoe loves motorsports and is a massive British Touring Car fan. Alongside MotoGP and F1 her weekends are packed with sport.

Zoe is keen to progress her career to be a branch manager and is practising interview techniques to become branch manager at a time for when she is ready and this shows her proactivity.

Zoe is now working her way through the assistant branch manager development programme in the Midlands region to help progress to the next level.

Supporting statement from branch manager:

“Zoe has led the role out of the new OpenFleet system in the branch so manages the transport. She is also responsible for training colleagues on Tool Hire too, as the Mansfield branch is one of the pilot branches. Zoe has also helped with the landing of our new customer services policy and created call cards to ensure consistency when answering phones to customers.”

Name: Nicholas Kimber

Company: Travis Perkins

Supporting Statement:

Ever since Nicholas joined Travis Perkins he has been nothing but positive and upbeat in his attitude to his role, learning and to those around him. He has thrown himself into the training as well as tackling the day-to-day complexities of his job.

Once the initial period of learning was over, Nicholas settled into the day-to-day of his department and was a great asset to the branch as a whole. His learning and knowledge continues to grow and he is becoming an asset to the business on a daily basis.

Supporting statement from branch manager:

“Nicholas joined us in 2021 and he completed his apprenticeship as a yard colleague with merit and well within the timescales. He has now applied everything he has learnt and has moved into a Hire role.”

Name: Kelvin Church

Company: Travis Perkins

Supporting Statement:

Ever since Kelvin joined Travis Perkins he has been nothing but positive and upbeat in his attitude to his role. He has an engaging and upbeat personality that makes him ideal for dealing with customers.
He has shown great determination and perseverance, and secured GCSEs in Maths and English before he began his apprenticeship. Kelvin’s attitude is testament to his commitment to doing well. He has now passed his Level 2 with distinction and he has taken his learning from LEAP into his day job.
In the branch he continues to ask his branch manager the right questions and shows a keen understanding of the business and what his role is.
He managed the setting up of a hard landscaping display in our branch, working with suppliers and landscapers to get this set up and it’s now an integral part of our branch and a great way of showcasing our landscaping range to customers.
During the COVID crisis he was very vocal about how we implement safety measures at the Lymington branch in the yard and came up with an approach that would keep customers safe and give them timed slots to safely collect their orders.
In his spare time he is a Southampton FC fan and also devotes a lot of his spare time to enjoying other sports like boxing and darts too. He is a father to an eight month old and the majority of his time is spent with his family.
The prospects for Kelvin are bright. Eventually he wants to become a HGV driver for Travis Perkins and we’ve made a commitment to supporting him with his personal development, recently enrolling on our ‘Warehouse to Wheels’ scheme.

Name: John Cassidy

Company: Travis Perkins Tool Hire

Supporting Statement:

Our apprenticeship scheme is open to people of all ages, it is not just for younger people, and that’s why we would like to put John forward.

John has been working in this sector for over 20 years, and before becoming an apprentice he worked as an Operational Manager for us.

After all his time in the industry, John applied to do a Level 5 Management Apprenticeship. This has helped to really grow and develop John’s skills and business performance, while he tackles the complexity of working in a very busy branch.

As a result he has led some regional development work that has now been adopted across the business as a new way of working. The initiative is a ‘job swap’ which allows colleagues from the merchant business to work in Hire and then to swap roles. This has proven a huge success with colleagues and helped them gain a greater understanding and empathy of what each team member does on a daily basis. It has also boosted confidence across the team and really helped the team deliver excellent customer service and developing teams of people to succeed.

John’s branch in Leigh is now used as a training branch for all new managers on their induction into the region and business. It’s the best in class and it continues to deliver consistently strong sales.

Supporting statement from branch manager:

“Not only is John an integral part of our business at Travis Perkins Leigh, but also for our company as whole. He has been with the business for 21 years and has built Leigh Hire from scratch and it has become one of the most successful Tool Hire branches in the region. He’s a fantastic character in the branch and is a well-known expert in the local Hire market.

“While working on his apprenticeship, John has also put forward ideas on how to improve our branch. He has successfully pitched and delivered a Dragons’ Den style plan for development to our regional director and Hire director and it was successfully implemented in March 2021. He has overseen the Hire team grow from three colleagues to five, and we hope to take on a sixth person by June this year.

“This shows the ambition that John has in the business and demonstrates his willingness to deliver results when resource is pitched and rewarded.

“Over the last 12 months he has been working on another project to increase knowledge on both sales and Hire so that he can combine both customer bases and link sales between the two. As a business we have seen a massive increase in new customers between departments as a result of this well directed project from John.

“It’s an absolute pleasure to have John on my management team.”

Name: Charley Bates

Company: Benchmarx

Supporting Statement:

Charley stands out because of her engagement. She isn’t afraid to ask questions of her manager, her team or customers and this helps build strong relationships in her branch and her surrounding branches. She has taken the time to learn things about the business outside of her role and uses that knowledge to support her colleagues and make the branch more efficient.

Charley’s sales numbers already stack up against more experienced colleagues and with her dedication she will undoubtedly progress through the business into a leadership role. Considering her length of service, that’s a huge testament to her performance so far. We’re really excited to see how far she progresses within Benchmarx.

Supporting statement from branch manager:

“Charley has had a very positive impact at Hanworth from day one. She has always been inquisitive about her job role and the knowledge that’s required to be a successful kitchen designer. It’s been really refreshing having Charley at the branch as she brings a strong willingness to learn, which I very much admire.

“Charley has a natural ability to design some incredible kitchens – they are much better than mine were when I started out in the industry as a designer. Her strongest achievement will be in April, which is shaping to be a very strong month as she is on target to produce a very strong sales month.

“It’s been a real success having Charley with us at Hanworth and I look forward to seeing her career progression within Benchmarx.”