The Maddie Rose National Rising Star of the Year

Name: Craig Phelan

Company: City Plumbing Supplies

Supporting Statement:

Craig Phelan (City Plumbing) The Maddie Rose Award

Craig opened the Leeds Roundhay branch in September 2020 and hired a fantastic team of new colleagues that all contributed to the success of the branch. They are a dynamic bunch and Craig has instilled excellent behaviours in the team. He encourages his team to go over and above for customers and always leads by example.

For example: Craig has led the introduction of our new company behaviours in his team and has measured the success of his team and constructively offers ways to improve and support and encourage the team to go out of their comfort zone in order to support customers.

The branch has not missed its budget since opening. This year so far the branch achieved a budget each month, twice beat new sales records and ended on top of the regional league table across key branch categories (showroom, spares, electrical, sales)

Craig’s a support manager in the region and is regularly involved in supporting other branches in the region with his knowledge and expertise. He shares the same enthusiastic encouragement of other branches as he does with his own team.

Opening the branch mid pandemic with limited support from the branch support team who were unable to travel during the lockdown. Despite that Craig has gone over and above to make his branch an exemplary standard in health and safety and security standards.

Craig is a supportive manager and always puts his team’s well-being first. Craig coaches and supports the team. We have a BAME and autistic colleagues in this team.

Craig regularly recognises and rewards great performance with team events andactively encourages development opportunities. His ABM has since completed Level 3 apprenticeship and is set to be the next Branch Manager and is well recognised and active in the region.

Craig took part in an obstacle race last year to raise the money for the Teenage Cancer Trust. Craig is also a member of the Charity Committee for the whole company of 3500 people.

Name: Lewis King

Company: City Plumbing Supplies

Supporting Statement:

Lewis King (City Plumbing) The Maddie Rose Award

Lewis has been in the business since September 2019, and in the short time since we’ve had Lewis in the business, we’ve seen him grow and develop into an excellent colleague and a valued member of the team.

Lewis joined the business in our Spares team as an apprentice, before joining our Showroom team. Lewis always applies 100% to everything he does which is why he is such a star and everyone wants to work with him!

Lewis has always added great value to the business. Since January this year, Lewis has taken this to another level. In January Lewis started in his new role as Showroom manager in Glasgow Hillington and has had an amazing impact. He has grown all areas in the Showroom and still supports the branch in pushing heating sales. The sales achieved in Q1 is double the amount to AOP (and some!!). And he was the best in the region and one of the highest achieving in the UK, by the half-year he would already have taken more than last year!!

Lewis is known throughout our business for his brilliant attitude and he’s always hungry to improve, support, and help where possible.

For example, Lewis always puts customers first by spending quality time with them and goes over and beyond to do research for customers to get what they want. He always keeps in contact with customers and follows up for feedback and if any further assistance is required after installations. Lewis gives equal dedication to the trade and retail customers. Lewis will advise and service the request as he has great knowledge in all areas of our industry.

Lewis is also fantastic with colleagues and new starters. Lewis sees it as his responsibility to take them under his wing, and offer advice and support. Lewis really does have a passion for helping people and really enjoys seeing people improving and developing.

Lewis joined the business in our Spares team as an apprentice, before joining our Showroom team. Lewis always applies 100% to everything he does which is why he is such a star and everyone wants to work with him!

Lewis really is a rising star and will do very well in the future! It won’t be long before he is running his own branch or a part of the business!

Name: Richard ‘Billy’ Hadkiss

Company: Travis Perkins

Supporting Statement:

Richard, aka Billy, joined in 2012 and has held lots of different roles in the business including assistant branch manager, branch manager and project manager in plumbing and heating. As branch manager of the Northampton, Kettering Road site he led it to a massive success.

Sales and profit performance under his leadership at the Northampton branch has been exceptional. In a challenging market the business has grown sales ahead of forecast by over 40%, helping to drive returns that will set records this year.

On top of these day-to-day business challenges, Billy has also had to deal with the sad death of a colleague. He helped support, the family during this sad time, whilst also maintaining the morale of all branch colleagues. He accommodated the colleague’s needs within the final weeks of his life, ensuring he always felt welcome and made him feel a huge part of the team within the branch.

Together they found a way for the colleague to still come into work and interact with his colleagues, providing him with some normality during what must have been an incredibly difficult time.

At the start of this year he was promoted to regional director for Leicestershire. As part of this he attended Travis Perkins’ regional development centre to support development areas and strengths. In his own words “It was an opportunity not to be missed. The exercises, assessments and feedback gave me real insight into how I could develop and highlighted next steps. I’ve since become a Regional Director and am enjoying building a new skill set. The centre was an eye-opener – it gave me a bigger picture of potential opportunities.”

Supporting statement:

“Billy is a great manager but has really shown over the past months what a great leader he is. He has been able to balance the amazing success of the branch with an inspiring level of humility and integrity during a truly challenging time for everyone at Kettering Road North Branch. He would always be one of if not the first name on my team sheet in building a great business and team.”

Name: Kane Collins

Company: Travis Perkins

Supporting Statement:

Kane is a tremendous example of a “rising star” within Travis Perkins. Not only is he a dedicated branch manager, always going above and beyond for his team and his customers, he has supported more broadly by being front line support for the wider Yorkshire sub region. He has been integral to developing our exceptionally high standards and a cohesive approach to an engaging safety culture. Kane is a young man who has a wonderful balance and way about him, a very infectious personality and truly authentic.

Kane started his career with Travis Perkins as an apprentice in 2014, he then went on to become assistant branch manager at the Leeds branch, then swiftly promoted to the assistant branch manager of our much larger Knaresborough site, where he was instrumental in taking the branch to new heights. He was then promoted to his first branch manager position in Brighouse in 2018, before being promoted once again to branch manager at the Barnsley branch in 2021.

He has also just won the coveted Travis Perkins Branch of the Year award within his first full year in Barnsley. This was a wonderful achievement for the whole team. On the back of this he also recently had a visit from the Travis Perkins Plc Group CEO Nick Roberts

Alongside his branch manager role Kane also now proudly represents the full sub region on the safety board, from which he influences his wider peer group.

For Kane to have already achieved such things by the age of 30 is wonderful and it’s going to be extremely exciting to help shape and flourish his future career. He is also such a wonderful team player and unassuming, which adds to his infectious style. Kane doesn’t realise how good he actually is.

Outside of work Kane is a very sporty and active person, he is a talented rally driver and a keen Leeds United supporter.

Name: Danny Chau

Company: Travis Perkins

Supporting Statement:

“Since joining the Norwood Branch as an operations manager Danny has really set the bar for this role in our sub region. He takes pride in delivering operational excellence in his role and strives to be perfect and green on every detail. Danny is a complete team player and works alongside his team as a complete equal and has earnt the respect and trust of the whole team. One of Danny’s real strengths is how hard he works to develop people taking real pride in developing his team and seeing them move to the next level.

“From a personal perspective Danny has had an incredibly difficult 12 months but has shown real bravery and commitment in the face of adversity and winning this award really would be his just deserved.”

Name: Klaudia Sobczyk

Company: Travis Perkins

Supporting Statement:

Klaudia began working within the Travis Perkins Group three and a half years ago, in the central sales office for KeyLine before it was acquired by Travis Perkins Plc. When the current branch manager joined he quickly appointed Klaudia to assistant branch manager after he recognized her potential and her appetite for hard work. She can be given any project or task and trusted to have it completed. Even if she doesn’t know the answer or solution she will try to learn and understand what’s required to complete it. The branch manager has quickly supported a development plan that is supported with guidance to help Klaudia progress to a management role.

She has shown tremendous initiative over the course of the last year and demonstrated it through a number of projects:

She was given a side project of becoming the champion for Big Trade Deals in the region and embraced the challenge. She has adapted her comm skills to communicate with the different businesses, tracked sales volumes and incentivised it so that the area becomes more competitive

She’s really developed her management skills. She has quickly grasped the operational skills and processes behind the business and has shown an appetite to learn accounting too

She has recently been put forward for a LEAP (Learn and Earn Apprenticeship Programme) course in management

Klaudia has a willingness to put herself forward and champion one of the businesses key pillars, on diversity and inclusion. She has starred in a number of social media and conference films and frequently features in Travis Perkins internal magazine on the subject

Supporting quote from branch manager:
“I’d be lost without Klaudia. Whenever I’m away I know that the business is safe in her hands. She’s trustworthy and is great at developing other colleagues and understanding what it takes to run the business.”

Name: Jodie Spray

Company: Benchmarx

Supporting Statement:

Jodie joined Benchmarx as a kitchen designer 11 years ago, straight out of college and was quickly recognised for her talent, rapidly moving to assistant branch manager, and was then promoted to branch manager at Benchmarx Redhill in 2015. She continued to rapidly progress and made a move to the commercial team, first as a project manager and then becoming trading and promotions manager in 2018.

During her time in her commercial role, she became a champion for the business’s Female Empowerment Programme. The coaching course focussed on women supporting each other in growing, challenging and being their best. During the programme, Jodie grew in confidence and recognised her abilities for herself. She then went on to apply for, and successfully secure the head of buying role in Benchmarx in July 2021.

Jodie is a highly effective leader and has been recognised as a rising star in the Benchmarx business. Not only that, but now Jodie is using her experience to encourage other colleagues to join the next Female Empowerment Programme and develop their own potential.

During her time as tradings and promotions manager she delivered a 71% improvement in promotional trading profit and increases supplier support by over 150%
She was promoted to her role of head of buying during one of the most turbulent supply chains in recent years and has helped deliver a 97%+ availability and a trading terms improvement of 60%

Supporting statement from Dan Taylor, Benchmarx commercial director:

“Jodie has gone from strength-to-strength in the commercial team, taking to each new role easily and building a strong reputation amongst both colleagues and suppliers. She has developed a winning team vastly improving our capability within pricing and continuing to drive both our buying and promotional performance. She has brought fresh ideas to the role and continues to drive a winning attitude and performance within commercial. It is a pleasure to have Jodie as part of the team and watch her ability and confidence grow.”

Name: Philip Watts

Company: Travis Perkins Tool Hire

Supporting Statement:

Philip is the manager of a flagship Hire branch in Cheltenham, Tewkesbury Road. He manages a seven strong team, and since his appointment, has been absolutely integral in supporting and educating all branches and teams in the Midlands region.

To give you an idea of his performance at branch level, since he began working, his branch has delivered 62% over on net profit and 37% on sales. But it’s not just about how well his branch has delivered sales.

He joined Hire from a GAP Plant, and has come from a position of not understanding Hire’s business model or the way it works, and in that time he has really got under the skin of the company, dug in and made it his mission to understand how it operates and the best way to deliver strong sales and keep costs in check.

Through his skills he has gone through our internal accounting systems and identified the costs that his branch shouldn’t be paying for and helped to realign their finances and put them on a firmer footing. What is invaluable is he hasn’t kept his skills just to himself. He took the opportunity to help the Travis Perkins branch manager too, taking them through the same process that he went through.

Philip has applied his learnings beyond his own branch too and supports all the colleagues and branches in the Midlands region too. He sees his role as helping to educate the team on how to make a proper margin and make money.

He even goes as far as helping out our operations manager and regional director. At their request he jumped on a conference call with local branch managers to help impart his knowledge and show the things he was doing well at his branch and this included helping them make better use of the management system and help control costs.

Whenever there is an issue, colleagues will invariably phone Philip for his advice or view. He takes his role as an educator very seriously and he wants to teach them how to find things themselves and works closely with them to do this.

He has helped put structures in place across the region and given guidance and structure.

In the health check audit that we run for our branches, Phillip branch scored a very high 90, considering this is a flagship branch with a team of seven. He’s taken this as a challenge to help ensure that every branch in that patch scores similar high marks.

He has also been integral in helping the region communicate better. On conference calls he takes the opportunity to share his learnings and start debates and is an integral part of how the team communicates better.

He also recently submitted his branches business plan for the year and the regional director was blown away by it.

To get him networking and involved with the senior team we now have him involved in a pricing project and he will be instrumental in how we deliver this to the entire company.

Statement from Roger Clayton, Travis Perkins branch manager:

“For me Philip is an absolute standout superstar. He embodies all the core values at Travis Perkins. He isn’t afraid to call out things that are unsafe and he is exemplary at upholding family values. He has no problem supporting colleagues and helping them by giving them time off to deal with personal issues.

“He is always willing to lend a hand. No job is too big or too small. For example, he will often help support us in the sales office on the business merchanting side of things.

“He has everything you look for in a colleague. He has great energy and passion. He loves pushing things forward and shows a relentlessness to get answers.

“He’s great at developing other colleagues and has bought many through the business – his assistant tool hire manager started as a trainee.

“He sees his work as applying to the entire branch and not just Hire. For example when we had to do our monthly accounts he trawled through them and helped me do them. He has a brilliant attention to detail and is relentless about getting things done.”